Ssese Habitat Resort Offers a Relaxed and Homely Atmosphere, the Magic of a Picturesque View of Ssese Islands

Ssese Habitat Resort, the Fort Jesus of Kalangala Islands

One can be forgiven for thinking that Jesus was shown the splendour of the world and tempted at Ssese Habitat Resort. The splendour of nature can be absorbed at a glance outside or inside any of the suites at the resort. The only restriction, is the wallet.

Uganda is gifted by nature, but when it comes to Ssese Islands, the creator seems to have been very generous in pampering the archipelago with forests, crystal blue lake waters, birds, hills and valleys. Not until long ago, these goodies of nature would take one a lot of moving around to see them all.

Now, come to the Ssese Habitat Resort and everything can be seen from the bedroom. Whether lying on your bed or sitting on the veranda, you can see the beauty of Ssese Islands wherever you are. The most striking feature about the one-year-old resort is its location.

It can as well be referred to as a home rather than a hotel because of its architectural design biased towards residential homes. The complex consists of four bungalows with red-tiled roofs and a well-landscaped big garden, complete with ample parking space.

Each house has five suites and a lounge. Each suite commands a fantastic view of what makes Ssese Islands one of the top most visited areas in Uganda in addition to having its own veranda.

The whole complex is designed to cater for individual and family needs with a high degree of privacy comfort. The furnishing is contemporary and almost all its furniture imported.

The location of the resort, on higher ground, is its biggest strength. Located near Kalangala town, Ssese Habitat Resort is the Fort Jesus of the Island. From any of the lounges, the suite or the dinning, you can see the crystal blue waters of Lake Victoria far below, stretching for miles, as far as the eye can see. Between the lake and the resort is a green belt of forest canopy that meanders along the shores of the lake.

The forest sounds magnify the tranquillity of the setting. Missing to see the sunrise over the lake as seen from the resort is missing to see the raw beauty of Ssese Islands at its best.

Ssese activities include nature-walks, island drives, fishing, canoeing, speed boating, camping and visiting caves around the communities.

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