Why You Should Celebrate Your Honeymoon On Ssese Islands This 2018

January 29, 2018

A Ssese Islands wedding is unlike any other. With its beautiful backdrops, calm and peaceful beaches, and breathtaking sunsets, the white sands of the Ssese islands shores makes for a naturally romantic place to say “I do”. But the romance shouldn’t end after the vows have been exchanged, Ssese islands is also a romantic honeymoon destination. Here are some romantic activities for couples honeymooning on Ssese Islands: Take a romantic sunset cruise….


Cheap Ssese Islands Honeymoon Resort 2018

January 3, 2018

If your are planning your honeymoon holiday in Uganda this 2018, then you should consider Ssese islands as your romantic destination to spend your precious time together. Located in the north-west of Lake Victoria, Ssese islands is the most popular honeymoon destination in Uganda. Featuring exclusively honeymoon resort hotels, sundownwer retreats, romantic boat rides and a wide variety of beach games on the white sand beaches of Kalangala. Honeymoon means…


Ssese Islands Christmas Experience

November 27, 2017

Ssese Habitat Resort Kalangala offers the best choice of accommodation on Ssese Islands on Lake Victoria for a perfect Christmas holiday. You can enjoy the personalised service that only comes with smaller operations and enjoy lake views from many of these villas. The gorgeous tropical forests of Ssese islands are set to be transformed into an exciting and magical Christmas experience for the whole family. Give your family the best Christmas…


Cheapest Honeymoon Hotel On Ssese Islands

October 25, 2017

Ssese Habitat Resort Kalangala situated on the pristine and romantic Bulago island is the best honeymoon resort hotel in Uganda. Set in a romantic yet serene environment, Ssese Habitat Resort is destination for your romantic retreat in Uganda. Taste from a wide range of cuisines prepared by our passionate chefs with a variety of drinks from our fully stocked bar. You need the most romantic activities on your honeymoon holiday…


Add Spice To Your Ssese Islands Honeymoon in Uganda

October 6, 2017

Here is a list of some of the things to do in Sssese islands on honeymoon. Include these to add spice to your honeymoon in Uganda. 1. Go island hopping through causeways, holding hands and talking about your bright future. 2. Ditch the bed and make out on the pristine white sand of the beaches under the glittering sky. 3. Enjoy the stunning sunsets and start the new day with…


The Perfect Honeymoon Holiday on Ssese Islands

August 31, 2017

Long-feted as an idyllic destination for a relaxing, undiscovered honeymoon, Ssese Islands is held in high esteem by wedding planners everywhere. With Ssese Islands and our Ssese Habitat Resort Kalangala offering hospitality beyond compare on the archipelago, it seems a natural fit for couples looking for a laidback yet adventurous break after the excitement of their wedding. Soon-to-married couples that are considering Ssese islands, and the cheap Ssese Habitat Resort,…


Ssese Habitat Resort Offers a Relaxed and Homely Atmosphere, the Magic of a Picturesque View of Ssese Islands

August 2, 2017

Ssese Habitat Resort, the Fort Jesus of Kalangala Islands One can be forgiven for thinking that Jesus was shown the splendour of the world and tempted at Ssese Habitat Resort. The splendour of nature can be absorbed at a glance outside or inside any of the suites at the resort. The only restriction, is the wallet. Uganda is gifted by nature, but when it comes to Ssese Islands, the creator…


Family Resort Hotel On Ssese Islands

July 13, 2017

For families looking for a Uganda family holiday full of active, recreational activity, staying at Ssese Habitat Resort Kalangala is an excellent choice. With a prime location just a few metres from the lake, buffet & restaurant on-site and all the amenities for a cycling holiday at your fingertips, this Ssese islands accommodation offers something for everyone. As a family on a vacations, renting bicycles from the hotel to explore…


Ssese Islands’ Boutique Hotel Offers Ultimate in Relaxation

June 21, 2017

Set on Bugala Island of Ssese islands amidst a tropical gardens with a lake front white sandy beach, Ssese Habitat Resort Kalangala is the ideal spot to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy the pristine Ssese Islands. This welcoming boutique hotel is located on Bugala island a small distance from the Kalangala town. Ssese Habitat Resort has a good range of facilities to provide a memorable and lifetime experience….


Relax in The Sun With Refreshing And Panoramic Views on Ssese Islands – Sseese Habitat Resort Kalangala

June 5, 2017

As the only hotel on a stretch of beautiful beach, the ultimate Ssese Habitat Resort Kalangala offers guests total peace and relaxation. This exclusive resort offers unspoilt panoramic views of the Lake Victoria across the white sandy beaches of Ssese islands. The gardens surrounding the property are filled with shady trees and a cool breeze blows in from the lake. The building and Ssese guest accommodation have been refurbished with…