Add Spice To Your Ssese Islands Honeymoon in Uganda

October 6, 2017

Here is a list of some of the things to do in Sssese islands on honeymoon. Include these to add spice to your honeymoon in Uganda. 1. Go island hopping through causeways, holding hands and talking about your bright future. 2. Ditch the bed and make out on the pristine white sand of the beaches under the glittering sky. 3. Enjoy the stunning sunsets and start the new day with…


Ssese Habitat Resort Offers a Relaxed and Homely Atmosphere, the Magic of a Picturesque View of Ssese Islands

August 2, 2017

Ssese Habitat Resort, the Fort Jesus of Kalangala Islands One can be forgiven for thinking that Jesus was shown the splendour of the world and tempted at Ssese Habitat Resort. The splendour of nature can be absorbed at a glance outside or inside any of the suites at the resort. The only restriction, is the wallet. Uganda is gifted by nature, but when it comes to Ssese Islands, the creator…


Why Celebrate Your Honeymoon On Ssese Islands – Ssese Habitat Resort Kalangala

June 1, 2017

Ssese Islands situated on the northwest of Lake Victoria in Uganda, is an idyllic destination for those who wish to holiday in pristine, lush green settings. Being a beauteous tropical island, where life is lived in a relaxed rhythm, it can offer you a wonderful holidaying experience. It is place where you can enjoy pristine beach views while sipping your favorite drink in a nice veranda of a ssese island…


Ssese Habitat Resort is an Epitome of Relaxation on Ssese Islands Kalangala

May 5, 2017

Ssese Habitat Resort is an Epitome of Relaxation on Ssese Islands Kalangala If you’re looking for a place to slow it right down, Ssese islands’ lush archipelago of 84 islands along Lake Victoria’s northwestern shore boasts some stunning white-sand beaches. There’s not much to do other than grab a good book and relax. Enjoy a canoe ride or a boat trip on ssese islands on the calm waters of Lake…


Transport to Ssese Islands; How to Travel To Ssese Islands

April 28, 2017

How to Get To Ssese Islands For a Holiday There are two large ferries serving Bugala Island the biggest of the Ssese Islands and its where the headquarters of Kalangala district are located with massive tourism development. One, a modern passenger/car ferry, runs daily between the Nakiwogo dock just south of Entebbe and Kalangala Bay. The ferry departs from Kalangala for Nakiwogo at 8 am daily, and returns leaving Nakiwogo…


Ssese Habitat Resort Room Amenities; Ssese Islands Holiday

April 27, 2017

Ssese Habitat Room Amenities; Ssese Islands Holiday Ssese Habitat Resort has 19 fully furnished rooms with five self contained luxury rooms offering full board bed and breakfast to all kinds of Ssese islands travelers. Entertainment at Ssese Habitat Resort: All Ssese Islands Habitat rooms are installed with satellite television. They are opulently furnished to offer maximum comfort and relaxation during your vacation. All rooms are strategically designed to allow you…


Celebrate Romantic vacation in a Serenity of Ssese Habitat Resort

April 26, 2017

Celebrate Romantic vacation in a Serenity of Ssese Habitat Resort At Ssese Habitat Resort, love is always in the air with guests celebrating romance. Romance is described as the pleasurable feeling from an emotional and intimate attraction towards another person. Whether celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, romantic getaway or simply relaxing and reconnecting, the atmosphere at our intimate resort is known to charm guests into returning time and again to…


Stay at Ssese Habitat resort – the Best Ssese Islands Accommodation

April 25, 2017

Stay at Ssese Habitat resort – the Best Ssese Islands Accommodation Ssese Habitat Resort is situated along the shores of Lake Victoria, offering an idyllic tropical getaway on Bugala Island in Uganda. It is a great choice for travelers looking for a relaxing Uganda holiday vacation while still having access to modern conveniences. The resort has comfortably furnished cottages, of which all have a variety of bed configurations with en-suite…


Ssese Habitat Resort on Ssese Islands

March 22, 2017

Ssese Habitat Resort on Ssese Islands; the Best Ssese Islands Hotel Welcome to Ssese Habitat Resort, a luxury Villa style resort on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kalangala. Our resort is located on  Lake Victoria, in the Ssese Islands, Kalangala District and just steps away from Kalangala Town’s business area.. Our spacious Villa  accommodations are equipped with King or Queen size beds, exquisite bathrooms and a vibrant euro-centric style…